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Soda Tax Won't Curb Obesity, Study Contends

Consumers will buy other fattening foods that cost less, researchers say

Could Hot Cocoa Improve Brainpower in Seniors?

Small early study hints it might help, but author says it's too soon to recommend nightly cup

Food Additive Safety Often Determined by Those With Food Industry Ties: Study

Review finds strong conflict-of-interest issues in the approval process; experts call for changes

Lymphoma Risk Varies for Celiac Disease Patients

Blood cancer more common for those with continuing intestinal damage, study found

Sugary Drinks Tied to Preschoolers' Extra Pounds

Study found those who drank more of them were more likely to be obese at age 5

Healthy Eating, Good Night's Sleep Really Do Help Kids Learn

Experts explain importance of these habits to school success

Could Dietary Tweaks Ease Type 1 Diabetes?

Foods rich in amino and fatty acids may help preserve insulin production, study suggests

FDA Defines 'Gluten-Free' for Food Labels

Rule will benefit millions of Americans with celiac disease

Health Tip: If You're a Vegetarian Athlete

Suggestions to get enough protein and nutrients

How Many Extra Calories Add Up to Obesity for Kids?

Study finds overweight children consume more excess calories daily than previously thought

Health Tip: What Should Preschoolers Drink?

Offer water or milk instead of soda or sweetened fruit juice

Skipping Breakfast May Not Lead to Weight Gain After All

Small study found it did not make college students eat more later in the day, contrary to popular belief

Why Some Like It Hot: Personality May Sway Food Choices

Sensation seekers more likely to enjoy spicy tastes, study says

For Seniors, Unhealthy Living May Lead to Disability

Study looked at exercise, smoking, nutrition and other habits

Rituals Like 'Happy Birthday' May Make Cake's Taste

Meaning-laden acts seem to enhance the pleasure people get from food, study finds

Study Sees No Link Between Mercury Exposure, Autistic Behavior

The chemical is often found in fish, prompting many pregnant women to avoid the food

Skipping Breakfast a Recipe for Heart Disease, Study Finds

Men who miss morning meal much more likely to suffer heart attack, research shows

Is a Gluten-Free Diet Right for You?

Candidates include people with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or those with a wheat allergy

Researchers Focus on Eczema-Food Allergy Link

Breakdown in skin barrier that occurs with eczema could play role in food sensitivity, study says

Calorie Advice on Menus Might Not Help People Eat Better

Customers may resist doing the math with every meal, study author says

More U.S. Kids May Be at Risk for High Blood Pressure

Study looked at rise in body fat, waist size and salt intake over 13-year period

Could a Gene Help Make You Obese?

Certain DNA might keep people hungry, study suggests

Health Tip: Get More Bang for Your Beans

Add them to your favorite recipes

FDA Proposes New Limit for Arsenic in Apple Juice

Move follows release of studies last fall showing worrisome amounts of the toxin in many brands

Poverty Rate Still High Among U.S. Children: Report

Almost one-quarter live in low-income homes, which experts say affects their health and education

Could Artificial Sweeteners Cause Weight Gain?

Researcher says evidence suggests they may, but industry rep disagrees

Too Much Fish Oil Might Boost Prostate Cancer Risk, Study Says

Often-fatal aggressive disease of particular concern

Exercise Up in U.S., But So Is Obesity: Report

Food control is the missing link, experts say

Soy Won't Prevent Prostate Cancer's Return: Study

But an expert says findings are inconclusive

Solid Food Timing for Babies Tied to Diabetes Risk

Study found ages 4 to 5 months safest for introducing solids to infants at higher risk for type 1 disease

Listeria Outbreak Prompts Cheese Recall

1 person dead, 4 sickened; source seems to be Wisconsin company, CDC says

Sleepy Teens Reach for Fast Foods First

Study found those who slept less than 7 hours a night were also less likely to eat fruits, vegetables

Celiac Disease Shouldn't Keep Family From BBQ Fun: Experts

Making sure gluten-free kids remain that way when away from home is challenging, but doable

Ice Pops Interfered With Hospital Patient's Lab Tests: Report

Food additive might have led to false positive results for fungal infection

Some Farm Workers Harbor Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, Study Finds

Findings raise concerns about U.S. livestock production

Study Ties Red and Processed Meats to Worse Colon Cancer Survival

Patients may be wise to cut down on these foods, experts say

Can Hi-Tech Avatars Promote Real-Life Weight Loss?

Virtual sessions on portion control and exercise helped women in small pilot study

Night Owls May Pack on More Pounds

Study found they ate worst foods late at night, long after sound sleepers had hit the sack

Fish Habit May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk, Study Suggests

Researchers found that higher fatty acid intake cut chances of disease by 14 percent

Color of Cutlery Could Change How Food Tastes

Finding might be used as a way to encourage better eating habits, researchers say

Did Extreme Cola Habit Cause Woman's Irregular Heartbeat?

After years of drinking only soda, no water, her potassium levels dropped too low, report says

Mind Over Diet?

Study suggests people's beliefs about causes of obesity influence their eating habits, weight

Gluten Allergy May Play Role in Gastro Woes in Kids With Autism

But finding doesn't prove a gluten-free diet will help kids with the developmental disorder, experts say

James Gandolfini's Death From Heart Trouble at 51 a Sign of the Times

Doctors say more middle-aged Americans suffer cardiac problems, and they're often due to unhealthy lifestyles

Timing Is Everything When Eating Fruits, Vegetables

Study found that when they're eaten and how they're stored can determine their nutritional value