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Gout Flare-ups Rise Sharply With Certain Foods: Study

Research found more attacks after high consumption of compounds called purines, especially from meat, seafood

Scientists Map the Tomato's Genome

Consumers may someday enjoy better fruits, vegetables as a result

Health Tip: Eat Right During Menopause

And help prevent weight gain

Cash, Coaching May Boost Healthy Living

Study finds that simple changes, reinforced by incentives, can reap rewards

Health Tip: Eat Right to Help Protect Your Vision

Concentrate on vitamins A, C and E

Keep Food Safety in Mind This Memorial Day Weekend

Even locally grown or organic fresh produce can become contaminated, experts warn

The Science of Tasty Tomatoes Lies in the Chemicals

Heirloom tomatoes, which have more naturally occurring chemicals than supermarket varieties, won taste tests

Amazon Tribe Gives Clues to Heart-Healthy Lifestyles

Research in African Pygmies also shows how traditional ways of life aid cardiovascular health

Japanese-American Men With Low Vitamin-D Diet Face Higher Stroke Risk

Long-term study followed participants for nearly 35 years

Calcium Supplements May Be Bad for Your Heart: Study

Review says getting mineral from food is safer, but expert disagrees

Mouse Study Sheds Light on How Diet May Affect Epilepsy

Strict diet seems to protect against seizures by altering brain metabolism, research shows

Health Tip: Avoiding Gluten

A key task if you have celiac disease

Body Building, Diet Supplements Linked to Liver Damage: Study

These products could provide a target for regulation, researchers say

Dieting May Lower Hormone Levels Tied to Breast Cancer

Study didn't prove that weight loss lowers risk, but it did cut estrogen, which may help older women

Could Compound in Artificial Sweeteners Worsen Crohn's Disease?

Lab study suggests maltodextrin may encourage growth of E. coli bacteria in small intestine

One-Third of U.S. Homeless Population Is Obese: Study

They may rely on cheap, fattening foods to fill up, researchers say

Healthy Dieting in Pregnancy May Be Helpful

Review found fewer excess pounds and complications with healthy diet vs. exercise

'Bad' Fat May Hurt Brain Function Over Time

But researchers report that 'good' fat may help preserve thinking and memory

It's Not Just What You Eat, It's When You Eat, Mouse Study Finds

Restricting eating hours didn't cut calorie intake, yet the animals gained less weight

Daily Coffee May Help Keep Grim Reaper Away

Three cups linked to 10% lower odds of dying from typical causes, federal study finds

Education Is Key to Health: Report

Along with poverty, less schooling linked to more chronic disease, disability and shorter life

Health Tip: Tame Your Food Cravings

Wait 20 minutes, since cravings usually are short-lived

Shape Up, Safely, for Summer

Be realistic and don't overdo it, experts say

Gut Bugs Might Influence Child's Odds for Obesity

Heavy kids had higher levels of certain microbes, as did kids who ate little protein, study finds

Probiotic Products May Prevent Antibiotic-Linked Diarrhea

Study suggests microbes in special yogurts, other foods may help common complaint

U.S. Report Outlines Strategies to Prevent Obesity

Promoting daily physical activity, making healthful food readily available are key components

Could Eating Fast Increase Diabetes Risk?

Preliminary study found people with type 2 disease reported eating more quickly

For Healthier Eating, Keep Fruits, Veggies Within Reach

Study involving college students found proximity mattered

Lots of TV May Harm Kids' Diet

Children who watch the most television have worst eating habits, study finds

U.S. Obesity Rate Set to Soar, Costing Billions: CDC

But researchers add the rise might be somewhat less than previously estimated

Why You Overeat Even When You're Full

Small study explores how body reacts when aroused by tempting treats

Genes Might Cause Some to Shun Pork

People with certain DNA are turned off by the meat's smell, small study finds

Eating More Foods Rich in Omega-3s May Lower Alzheimer's Risk: Study

High consumption was associated with lower levels of protein linked to dementia

Energy and Sports Drinks Eat Away at Teeth, Study Finds

But beverage industry disputes the claim, saying many factors contribute to enamel erosion

Fish Oil Doesn't Cut Failure Rate of Hemodialysis Grafts

However, kidney patients taking fish-oil supplements had fewer problems with clots, study says

Having Kids Doesn't Inspire Adults to Eat Healthier: Study

But at least new parents' diets didn't get worse, researchers say

Low-Income Mothers May Overfeed Their Infants

Depression, being single also linked to tendency to add cereal to baby bottle, which promotes obesity

Vitamin D May Affect Lung Transplant Success

Vitamin deficiency associated with higher rates of rejection, infection and death, study shows

Health Tip: What Constitutes 'Healthy Eating?'

Avoid too much of the same food

Healthy Behaviors Extend Life After Cancer, Experts Say

Eating well, exercising and maintaining normal weight boost survival, American Cancer Society finds

Eating Berries Might Help Preserve Your Memory

Blueberries, strawberries found to prevent mental decline in study of older women

Health Tip: When Seniors Are Malnourished

Symptoms may include lack of energy

Dark Chocolate May Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Study says it reduces levels of blood sugar and bad cholesterol, raises good cholesterol levels

Could the Childhood Obesity 'Epidemic' Be Ebbing?

Massachusetts study finds significant decline in rates for kids under 6

Health Tip: Eat Less

For starters, avoid large portions

Low-Fat Dairy Linked to Lower Stroke Risk

Odds for an attack were slightly less than for those who ate higher-fat fare, study found

Health Tip: Seniors Need Their Nutrients

Including calcium and vitamin D

Overweight Pregnant Women at Higher Risk for Complications

Moms with elevated blood sugar also may fall under doctors' radar, researchers say

Fast Food Is Saltier in U.S. Than Overseas

International chains sell same items abroad but with less sodium, study finds

'Red Tide' Likely in New England This Season, Experts Warn

Severe bloom would close shellfish beds