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Low Vitamin D Levels May Raise Death Risk in Older Adults: Study

Although cause and effect not proven, frail seniors appeared most vulnerable

Race-Day Diet Can Make or Break a Competitive Cyclist

HealthDay reporter describes nutrition regimen for grueling West Coast bike ride

Most Americans With Celiac Disease Don't Realize It: Study

On the other hand, many without the disease needlessly follow gluten-free diets

Health Tip: Quench Your Thirst Without Extra Calories

Healthier beverages to keep you cool

Menstrual Cycles May Affect Women's Shopping Patterns

Study found they were more likely to buy clothes, focus on their appearance on fertile days

Health Tip: Help Prevent Malnutrition in Seniors

Offer healthy foods and snacks

The Care and Feeding of Olympic Athletes

Right combination of food and fluid can be critical to success

Health Tip: Eat a Nutritious Breakfast

Start the day by eating right

Untreated Heartburn May Raise Risk for Esophageal Cancer, Study Says

Obesity, poor diet contribute to acid reflux, which is sometimes linked to the deadly disease

Health Tip: Snack Smartly

Don't overdo it

Antioxidants Might Help Cut Pancreatic Cancer Risk, Study Suggests

But the research cannot prove cause and effect, and better trials are needed, experts say

NYC Ban on Super-Sized Sodas Would Cut Consumers' Calories: Study

Researchers find reduction of about 63 calories per fast-food meal

Beware of the Potato Salad: Preventing Foodborne Illness in Summer

In warm weather, bacteria multiple quickly, food safety experts warn

Many Americans Not Prepared for Disasters: Poll

Nearly half of adults surveyed do not have emergency supplies, researchers find

Simple Measures May Curb Excessive Weight Gain in Pregnancy

A walking program and healthy meal plan kept moms-to-be from gaining extra pounds during study

Sugary Drinks Not Replacing Milk as Kids Age: Study

Children consume more sweetened beverages each day, but also keep drinking milk, 100% fruit juice

New York's Trans-Fat Ban Is Working: Study

Customers consumed less heart-harming fat after strict restaurant limits imposed

Gut Microbes Might Reflect Health, Diet of Older Adults

Study found intestinal species varied depending on seniors' health, residence

Weight-Loss Keys: Food Journals, Eating In, Not Skipping Meals

'Ladies who lunch' in restaurants lost the least weight in study

Babies Born to Obese Mothers May Have Low Iron: Study

Iron deficiency at birth can lead to developmental delays

Climate Change May Cut Cows' Milk Production in South

Humidity, hot nights can cause stress, making animals less productive, U.S. researchers suggest

Diet, Weight Loss Ease Menopause Symptoms: Study

Large trial shows night sweats, hot flashes were reduced or eliminated with low-fat dieting

More Proof Cranberry Juice Thwarts Infection

Popular folk remedy holds up in analysis of 13 previous studies on urinary tract infections

Health Tip: Flavor Food Without the Fat

Use high heat for more intense tastes

Explorers on Ill-Fated 1910 Polar Expedition Died of Starvation

The men needed far more calories than they were consuming, researchers say

U.S. Schools Throwing the Book at Unhealthy Drinks

But 33% of elementary students still have access to high-calorie beverages, findings show

Health Tip: Encouraging a Picky Eater

Offer a variety of foods

Having a Blast on the Fourth? Keep Fido Safe

Offer dogs a quiet place to 'hide' from fireworks, expert advises

Young Athletes Face Unhealthy Food Choices, Parents Say

Junk food, fast food are part of youth sports routine, study finds

Gene Boosts Tomato's Color, But May Make It Less Tasty

Uniformly red, 'store-bought' tomatoes are not as sweet, study finds

Job Worries for Parents May Mean Poorer Nutrition for Kids

Study found family meals suffered as work pressures increased

Eating Vegetables May Protect Pancreas, Study Suggests

4 servings a day cut risk of acute pancreatitis by 44% compared to 1 helping, researchers say

Fossilized Teeth Hold Clues to Early Human Species' Diet

2 million years ago, Au. sediba was still munching on tree bark rather than grasses, researchers say

Pictures of Fatty, Sugary Foods May Spur Cravings

Stimulating brain's reward areas might cause overeating, researchers say

To Improve School Nutrition, Involve Teachers and Parents

Junk-food 'interventions' decreased consumption of unhealthy foods and beverages by 30 percent

Coffee Might Actually Help Your Heart

But moderation is key for folks with heart failure, study finds

Certain Diets May Help Body Burn More Calories: Study

Low-carb and low-glycemic plans work best, but low-carb regimen has drawbacks

'Dessert' With Breakfast Boosts Weight Loss: Study

But several nutritionists disagree with the finding

Discount Supermarkets Tied to Rising Obesity Rates

Make healthy foods more affordable, researchers say

Health Tip: Get Enough Calcium

Sprinkle shredded cheese on soups or salads

Long-Term Salty Diets Tied Again to High Blood Pressure

But eating sodium-rich foods over the short term doesn't have the same effect, study suggests

Mouse Study Suggests Certain Fats Could Trigger Crohn's, Colitis

Concentrated milk fat increased inflammation, but polyunsaturated fat did not

Sleep Apnea May Spur Carb Cravings in Diabetics

Researchers urge primary care doctors to screen those with type 2 disease for the disorder

Junk Food More Appealing When You're Sleepy: Study

Sleep-deprived snackers are less likely to make good choices, brain studies show

Fruits, Veggies May Help Smokers Quit

Those who ate more produce smoked less, waited longer to light up each day, study found

Docs Aren't Coaching Overweight Kids on How to Slim Down: Study

Obese teens often get the diet-and-exercise speech from physicians, but many overweight children don't

Exercise Controls Weight in White Girls Better Than in Black Girls: Study

Researchers suggest new weight-loss strategies needed for these teens

More Proof That Healthy Habits Fight Disease

New studies look at ways to stop smoking and fight cancer, heart disease and obesity

Disney to Curtail Junk Food Ads Aimed at Kids

Change will affect the media giant's child-focused TV channels, radio stations and websites