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Not Everyone Shuns Fruits and Veggies

Learning to love them as a child proves advantageous later on, one woman explains

Health Tip: Eating Healthy for Vegetarians

Make sure you're getting enough nutrients and calories

Even Without Weight Loss, Mediterranean Diet Helps Heart: Study

Foods like olive oil and avocados may help body use insulin

Got High Blood Pressure? Kiwi Fruit May Help

Small study found three a day lowered levels more than eating an apple a day

Health Tip: Watch for Lactose in Foods

If you're lactose intolerant

Former Football Players' Brains May Benefit From Healthy Lifestyle

Better diet, more exercise might delay cognitive decline linked to head trauma, study says

High-Fiber Diet May Help Thwart Colon Cancer

Review of studies suggests cereals, whole grains deliver health benefits

Cooking Class Benefits Kids in Many Ways

Fourth graders learn about academic subjects along with food preparation

Cavemen Knew It: Cooked Meat Offers More Energy

Our ancestors shifted away from raw meat 1.9 million years ago

New Research Questions Wisdom of Cutting Down on Salt

While doing so lowers blood pressure, it might raise cholesterol, other risk factors for heart disease

Health Tip: Causes of Failure to Thrive in Babies

Typical reasons for this condition

Runners Can Relax About Holiday Feasting: Study

Choosing meat over fruit tends to boost waist size, but risk may be lower for high-mileage runners

'Food Challenges' Provide Best Allergy Diagnoses: Study

But too few U.S. doctors use them, researcher says

Fast-Food Outlets Nearby Might Not Cause Weight Gain

Long-term study challenges belief that easy access leads to overweight

Vitamin D Lacking in Many Spine Surgery Patients

Younger patients in study more likely to have low levels of bone-building vitamin

Overweight Teens Don't Seem to Grasp Weight Loss Rules

Researchers find girls still drink sodas while exercising, and boys don't exercise at all

Report Slams Makers of Sugary Drinks for Targeting Kids

Black and Hispanic children exposed even more than others, researchers found

Experts Offer 'Lucky 13' Tips for Safe and Healthy Halloween

List includes what to wear, trick-or-treating pointers, food and drinks to avoid

Experts Offer 'Lucky 13' Tips for Safe and Healthy Halloween

List includes what to wear, trick-or-treating pointers, food and drinks to avoid

Will Eating Sweets Make You Sweeter?

Researchers find link between food preferences and personality

Science Probes How Probiotic Yogurts Affect Your Gut

'Friendly' microbes might affect metabolism, but whether they're good for you is still unclear, researchers say

Larger Food Portions May Be Seen as Status Symbols

People might eat more to feel like big shots, researchers find

Study Casts Doubt on Hot Dogs' Link to Colon Cancer

U.S. mandate to cut wieners' nitrite levels hasn't led to lowered incidence of the disease

Do You Really Read Nutrition Labels?

You might if they were better positioned, researchers say

Nutrition, Hydration Tips Can Give Marathon Runners a Leg Up

Expert offers guidelines on what to eat and drink while preparing and competing

Health Tip: Kids Should Eat Healthy, Too

What to order for them at restaurants

U.S. Diet Still Has Too Much Salt, CDC Warns

Efforts needed to cut the 75% of dietary sodium that comes from processed foods, restaurant meals

Food Nutrition Labels Must Be Made Simpler, Experts Say

Doing so would make it easy for people to make healthy choices, IOM committee says

Healthier Diet, Stronger Sperm?

Two studies show diet can affect mobility of sperm, quality of semen

Health Tip: Make Calorie-Sparing Substitutions

Swap fattening foods for lighter fare

Healthy Diet May Counteract Heart Disease Gene

Piling plates with fruit, veggies, berries reduced genetic risk in large study

Extra Vitamin E May Be Associated With Prostate Cancer

Increase in risk is small, but finding suggests that supplement use can be harmful, researchers say

Folic Acid in Pregnancy May Prevent Kids' Language Delays

Moms started supplements before conception in Norwegian study

Chocolate Could Be Sweet Defense Against Stroke

Swedish study found women who ate more lowered their risk by 20%

Dietary Supplements May Harm Older Women: Study

Iron, vitamin B6 and others might increase the risk of death, researchers say

Mom's Healthy Diet Might Cut Birth Defect Risk

Prevention involves overall eating, not just supplements, experts say

Kids Can Enjoy Halloween Candy, Still Protect Teeth

Sugar creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that cause tooth decay, expert warns

Fiber Beats Other Remedies for Constipated Kids, Study Says

Processed, 'white' foods blamed for common childhood complaint

Broccoli, Cabbage, Other Veggies May Protect Against Colon Cancer

Apples and dark yellow vegetables also tied to drop in malignancies, study says

Antioxidants Not Behind Red Wine's Healthy Effect on Heart: Study

No effect seen when people drank polyphenols in dairy-based drinks, researchers say

Health Tip: Beware of Added Sugar

It can contribute to obesity

Health Tip: Keeping a Food Diary

Suggestions for what to record

Can Fatty Acids in Breast Milk or Formula Make Kids Smarter?

Studies find benefits at 14 months and about 10 years

Brains of Obese May Crave High-Calorie Foods More: Study

Finding might explain why overweight people stay that way, researchers suggest

Research Reveals Why Hungry People Get Cranky

Stress, hunger trigger fluctuating levels of the hormone serotonin in the brain, scans show

An Apple a Day Really May Keep the Doctor Away

Fruits and vegetables with white flesh associated with drop in stroke risk, study finds

Not Enough Kids Drink Low-Fat Milk, U.S. Study Finds

Nearly a third of children and teens report they consume whole milk

Bad Body Odor May Be Caused by Metabolic Disorder

But the condition can be eased by dietary changes

Weight Watchers Produces Bigger 'Losers' Than Standard Weight-Loss Care

Group members shed 15 pounds on average versus 7 pounds with standard diet, study finds