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Health Tip: Keep Protein Lean

Here are some healthier choices

Use of Dietary Supplements Keeps Climbing: CDC

Multivitamins most popular, but experts question whether they're needed

Fish Oil Promising Against Postpartum Depression in Small Trial

Moms who took capsules during pregnancy had fewer symptoms, but more study needed

An Apple a Day May Help Keep Heart Disease Away

Dried apples lower bad cholesterol, study found

Japanese Radiation Called No Threat to North American Fish Fans

Radioisotopes diluted by vast Pacific, and U.S. imports 1% of its fish from Japan, scientists say

Health Tip: Choose Healthy Carbohydrates

Look for whole grains and those high in fiber

Having Kids Might Make Young Women Heavier, Less Fit

Study found they consumed more calories, exercised less

'Organic' Label Seems to Make Food Taste Better

Study found that people preferred products they assumed were healthier for them

Soy Foods OK After Breast Cancer: Study

Preliminary research finds no increased risk of recurrence

Can the Dukan Diet Do It?

Book touting the latest high-protein, hold-the-carbs regimen due here soon, but critics abound

Health Tip: Cut Down on Sodium

And lower your risk of heart problems

Compulsive Eaters May Have 'Food Addiction,' Study Finds

Exposure to food 'cues' might trigger same brain reward circuitry involved in drug and alcohol addiction

FDA Panel Delays Action on Dyes Used in Foods

It calls for more research, but many parents and scientists fear link to ADHD

Levels of Radiation in Wash. State Milk No Threat to Health: FDA

In joint statement with EPA, agency says iodine-131 levels fall far below levels thought unsafe

FDA Panel Examines Possible Links Between Food Dyes, ADHD

It's the first time the agency has ever seriously looked at the issue, experts say

Little Oversight on Ingredients in 'Senior' Dog Food, Experts Say

Pet owners should consult vets when choosing 'mature' dog chow, survey suggests

Less Stress, Better Sleep May Help You Lose Weight

Going without the correct balance can interfere with your best efforts, study finds

Cyclists Urged to Prep Their Bodies for the Long Haul

Mainly carbs and liquids needed for the mind and muscles alike, experts say

Taking Responsibility for Own Health Often Not Enough

Pennsylvania survey found 93% hold themselves accountable but 33% don't exercise

Brain Stimulation Might Help Stroke Patients With Swallowing Problems

Small, preliminary study found electrical therapy led to improved function in patients

Poor Eating Habits May Lead to Anemia in Older Women

Study finds that as nutrient intake declines, risk rises

More Added Sugars, More Pounds?

Study found body weight went up with increases in sugar intake over 27 years

Dark Chocolate May Harbor Benefits for the Heart

Despite possible upside, cocoa carries risks and won't overcome bad health habits, expert says

Americans' Exposure to Mercury From Fish Won't Harm Hearts: Study

Large analysis finds no detectable cardiovascular danger

Exercise May Blunt Salt's Effect on Hypertension

The more active you are, the less a high-sodium diet will raise your blood pressure, study suggests

Sleep Less, Eat More: Study

Those who slept 4 hours consumed about 300 more calories a day than those who slept 9 hours

Whole Grain Cereal May Help Control Blood Pressure

Men who consumed seven or more servings a week reduced their risk of hypertension by about 20%, study finds

Fiber May Lessen Lifetime Risk for Heart Problems

Study finds that odds of disease were lowest for those who consumed the most fiber

Poor Diet Linked to Early Signs of Heart Risks in Obese Kids

Lack of healthy food in youth seems to cause inflammation, insulin resistance, study finds

Severe Eczema Linked to Lasting Milk, Egg Allergy in Kids

Mild cases of the skin condition suggest children may outgrow the food reactions, researchers say

Outgrowing Milk Allergy May Take Some Babies Longer Than Expected

Just a third of infants leave their allergy behind by 30 months, study finds

Health Tip: Get Creative in the Kitchen

Solutions for healthier cooking

Explosions Continue to Rock Japanese Nuclear Complex

More radiation released into atmosphere, government officials report

Eating Fish Might Protect Your Eyesight

Study found omega-3 fatty acids linked to lower risk of age-related macular degeneration

Diets Rich in Vitamin B May Help Prevent PMS, Study Finds

Foods with thiamine, riboflavin had positive effects; vitamin supplements did not

Explosion Rocks 2nd Nuclear Reactor in Japan

U.S. radiation expert cites potential health risks to those at the site and beyond

Crisis Worsens at Crippled Nuke Plant in Japan: Reports

U.S. radiation expert cites potential health risks to those at the reactors and beyond

Radiation Declining at Crippled Nuke Plant in Japan: Official

U.S. radiation expert cites potential health risks to those at the reactor and beyond

Poor Diet in Pregnancy Tied to Disease in Offspring: Rat Study

Prenatal malnourishment may affect gene that influences long-term health, researchers suggest

Mediterranean Diet Reduces Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

Researchers found diet was associated with improved blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol

Health Tip: Don't Let Lost Pounds Return

Suggestions to maintain a healthy body weight

Cartoon Branding Affects Kids' Cereal Choice, Regardless of Taste

But if no characters are on the box, kids prefer product promoting health over sugar, study finds

Potassium-Rich Foods May Cut Stroke, Heart Disease Risk

Powerful nutrient is found in fish, poultry, dairy and many fruits and vegetables, researchers say

To Eat More Fruit, Picture a Fruit Salad

Visualizing healthy eating helps people do it, research suggests

Health Tip: What's Behind Iron Deficiency

Here are some common risk factors

Health Tip: If Your Child Has Cystic Fibrosis

Make sure nutritional needs are met

Fast Response Crucial in Outbreaks of Food-Borne Illness: Study

Scientists say swift action can contain the problem, limit number of infections

Pot Ingredient May Restore Appetite After Chemo

Cancer patients given THC ate more protein, said food 'tasted better,' small study finds

Eating Breakfast May Lead Teen Moms to Better Health

Their offspring benefit too, expert says, from a healthier role model