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Widely Used Plastics Chemical Linked to Testosterone Boost

Greater exposure to BPA associated with slight rise in hormone levels in men, researchers say

Black Rice May Be Cheap Source of Antioxidants

Bran extracts could be added to food, beverages, and provide a natural colorant, scientists say

Eggs Being Produced by Recall Farms Safe, if Pasteurized, Experts Say

Treated eggs can be used in products such as salad dressings, cookie dough and cake mixes

Scientists Shock Spuds in Bid to Boost Antioxidants

Exposure to ultrasound also improved nutritional levels, researchers claim

Could Drinking Water Before Meals Help You Lose Weight?

People who drank two glasses prior to eating dropped more pounds, study found

Bottled Teas May Not Deliver on Antioxidants

20 bottles of some types needed to get the polyphenols of one home-brewed cup, study finds

FDA Chief Says More Egg Recalls Possible

Nearly 2,000 reports of salmonella infections in people in about 22 states

2nd Egg Recall Linked to Salmonella Under Way

Producer says there have been laboratory-confirmed cases of Salmonella enteritidis

2nd Egg Recall Linked to Salmonella Under Way

Producer says there have been laboratory-confirmed cases of Salmonella enteritidis

Adding Fish Oil to Low-Fat/High-Carb Diet May Improve Cholesterol

Strategy helped those with cluster of unhealthy heart risk factors, study found

Green, Leafy Vegetables Linked to Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk

More study needed to clarify role that diet plays in development of the disease, researchers say

Health Tip: Make Time for Healthy Meals

They can still be quick and easy

Nationwide Recall of Eggs Linked to Salmonella Expanded

More than 250 people sickened by germ as Iowa company recalls 380 million eggs

Nationwide Egg Recall Underway

More than 250 sickened by salmonella as Iowa company recalls 228 million eggs

Early Care Urged for Patients With Trouble Swallowing

'Dysphagia' significantly impacts hospital resources and patient outcomes, researchers say

Small Amounts of Dark Chocolate May Guard Against Heart Failure

Study found Swedish women who ate it a few times a month were protected

Proper Training for Marathon Run Takes Time, Experts Say

Advice includes building up mileage slowly and avoiding overtraining

Many Patients Say 'No' to Chocolate As Medicine

Study found people preferred pills to the antioxidant-rich sweet to lower blood pressure

Gardening, Cooking Parties Double Kids' Veggie Consumption

Researchers report that eight-week program reaped big rewards among kindergarteners

Health Tip: Eat Lots of Fiber

Here are high-fiber food choices

Food Labels Lead to Healthy Food Choices

Label readers consume fewer calories, less saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, sugars, study finds

Health Tip: Get the Nutrients You Need

Are some essentials missing from your diet?

Your Pet's Food Dish Could Serve Up Salmonella

Study tracks the gut bugs' progress from tainted dry food to children's tummies

'Locally Grown' May Mean Healthier, But Not Always

Knowing foods' origins can help consumers make smart, nutritional choices

Lack of Food Puts Kids at Risk for Asthma, Other Chronic Ills

Repeated episodes of hunger linked to long-term poor health, study found

Dorm With Cafeteria May Boost College Weight Gain

Walking farther for meals seems to keep freshmen slimmer, study finds

Weight Gain Eroding Americans' Quality of Life

'Healthy days per year' lost due to overweight has doubled since 1993, study shows

Western Diet Populates Kids' Stomachs With Bad Bacteria

Study found African children who ate more natural diet, were breast-fed longer had more good bacteria

FDA Cites Its Food Safety Web Site

More than 100 problems identified so far, agency says

Urge Kids to Drink Water During Hot Weather: Expert

Make sure it's readily available and watch for signs of dehydration, doctor advises

Prenatal Vitamin Levels a Concern After Weight Loss Surgery

Child born blind because of vitamin A deficiency, study says

Autistic Kids Often Fussier Eaters, but Nutrition OK

Slower, pickier eating can arise in infancy, but growth tends to be unimpaired, study finds

Health Tip: Take Steps Toward a Healthier Lifestyle

Don't try to do everything at once

Program Teaches Parents How to Nurture Healthy Eaters

Early feeding practices can play critical role in kids' eating patterns, study suggests

Vitamins D, E Might Help Maintain Brain Health

3 studies show links between levels of the nutrients and odds for dementia, Parkinson's

Salsa, Guacamole Rising Source of Foodborne Illness: CDC

Nearly 1 in 25 restaurant-linked outbreaks over recent decade tied to these popular items, experts say

Health Tip: Eating a Well-Balanced Vegetarian Diet

Some nutrients may be more difficult to come by

Health Tip: Managing Dietary Fat

Suggestions for choosing better foods

Kids See Fewer Ads for Sweets, More for Fast Food: Study

Analysis of TV advertising also uncovers racial gap, researchers say

FDA Urges Limiting Antibiotics in Meat

The practice is encouraging microbial resistance to drugs that fight infections in humans, agency says

Mercury's Threat Greater in Ocean Fish Than Freshwater: Study

Composition of seawater makes the difference, researchers say

Red Wine Compound Could Point to Treatment for Eye Diseases

Resveratrol appears to block harmful blood vessel growth, study finds

Most Americans Get Too Much Salt

Much of it comes from processed foods that don't taste salty, CDC experts say

Cavities in Baby Teeth May Come From Poor Food Choices

Dental office a good place to offer education on kids' nutrition, researcher says

Cartoon Characters Sell Kids on Unhealthy Foods

Using likes of Shrek and Dora to market treats should be banned, researcher says

People May Skip Soft Drinks Rather Than Pay More

When cost increased, consumption dropped, study found

Iodine Levels a Worry as Salt Use Declines

Pregnant women and infants are of particular concern to thyroid experts

Why Some Like Things Salty

Genes prime some folks to be 'supertasters,' research finds

Vitamin B6 Tied to Lowered Lung Cancer Risk

But cause-and-effect not clear, and supplements are no excuse to keep smoking, experts say