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Vitamin D Helps Bone Health Only With Calcium: Report

Government task force held off on specific dose recommendations

Vitamin D Lacking in Many Spine Surgery Patients

Younger patients in study more likely to have low levels of bone-building vitamin

Red Wine Antioxidant Could Give Metabolism a Boost

Small study in obese men shows benefit from supplement containing resveratrol

Science Probes How Probiotic Yogurts Affect Your Gut

'Friendly' microbes might affect metabolism, but whether they're good for you is still unclear, researchers say

Extra Vitamin E May Be Associated With Prostate Cancer

Increase in risk is small, but finding suggests that supplement use can be harmful, researchers say

Dietary Supplements May Harm Older Women: Study

Iron, vitamin B6 and others might increase the risk of death, researchers say

Omega-3 Supplements Don't Help, May Hurt ICU Patients

Pneumonia, sepsis patients did worse when tube feedings were enriched with antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids

U.S. Women Using Dangerous Weight-Loss Pill 2 Years After Recall

Pai You Guo supplement contains drugs banned in U.S. for increasing stroke, cancer, heart attack risk

Soy Supplements Don't Ease Bone Loss, Menopausal Symptoms: Study

Women taking high-dose soy isoflavone pills for 2 years even had more hot flashes

Study May Dispel Worries About High Levels of Folic Acid

Even if vitamin B12 levels are low, expert says, folate won't exacerbate problems

New Guidelines Put Focus on Vitamin D Deficiency

Endocrine Society recommends routine screening for people considered at high risk

Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Help Heart Patients With Stents

Giving fish oil capsules along with standard care made clots easier to break up, researchers found

Study Suggests Supplement May Protect Against Preeclampsia

Others warn of possible side effects and urge more research before pregnant women try it

Women Taking Calcium Supplements May Risk Heart Health, Researchers Say

Authors urge further studies, getting calcium from food instead of pills

Use of Dietary Supplements Keeps Climbing: CDC

Multivitamins most popular, but experts question whether they're needed

Fish Oil Promising Against Postpartum Depression in Small Trial

Moms who took capsules during pregnancy had fewer symptoms, but more study needed

Eating Fish Might Protect Your Eyesight

Study found omega-3 fatty acids linked to lower risk of age-related macular degeneration

Fish Oil Seems to Help Cancer Patients Preserve Muscle

Supplements also stave off malnutrition caused by chemo, small Texas study shows

Folate May Not Protect Against Premature Birth

But experts stress crucial nutrient still protects against birth defects

Fish Oil May Help Some Heart Failure Patients

Omega-3 fatty acid supplements seem to boost heart function, study finds

U.S. Spending Millions to See if Herbs Truly Work

Research aims to remove the mystery around popular dietary supplements

Vitamin D Guidelines Edge Upwards, But Most Americans Getting Enough: Report

Institute of Medicine experts also say most people are taking in enough calcium daily

Omega-3 Supplements Won't Fight Irregular Heartbeat

Study found they did not reduce recurrences of dangerous atrial fibrillation

Fish Oil Supplements May Not Slow Alzheimer's

Study found no cognitive differences between those who took them and those who didn't

Low-Dose Omega-3 Fatty Acids Don't Protect Heart Patients

Dutch study finds consuming small amounts in margarine daily didn't prevent cardiac trouble

Food Better Than Supplements for Cancer Prevention: Expert

Always check with a doctor, dietician before taking supplements, she advises

Calcium Supplements Linked to Boost in Heart Attack Risk

People should get needed mineral through their diet, researchers say

More Evidence That B Vitamins Alone Won't Counter Heart Risks

Heart attacks, strokes not reduced in those taking B12 and folic acid supplements, study finds

Hopes Dashed That Vitamin D Reduces Cancer Risk

Researchers did find those with high levels more likely to develop pancreatic cancer

Genes May Be a Source of Vitamin D Deficiency

Analysis found particular genotype that doubled risk

Don't Count on Selenium to Prevent Lung Cancer Recurrence

Study halted early because of supplement's poor performance

Many Supplements Said to Contain Toxins, Make False Health Claims

Report to Congress comes ahead of expected changes to oversight of supplement industry

Vitamin D Best Taken With Largest Meal of Day, Study Finds

Blood levels increased more than 50% after timing change, researchers say

High-Dose Vitamin B Risky for Diabetics With Kidney Disease

Study ties therapy to deteriorating renal function

To Supplement or Not to Supplement?

Health experts urge getting nutrients from diet rather than pills, whenever possible

Minority Kids Lack Enough Vitamin D

Low levels can lead to serious health problems, experts say

Sudden Protein Intake Harmful for Some Hospitalized Patients

Syndrome affects those given dietary supplements after not eating for a while, study finds

Bitter Melon Extract May Slow, Stop Breast Cancer

But lab test results must be repeated in animals and humans, experts say

Herbals Not the Answer for Asthma, Study Shows

Patients using alternative remedies more likely to misuse prescribed drugs, suffer flareups

Fish Oil Helped Stave Off Psychosis in Study Patients

Supplements may benefit those at high risk of schizophrenia

Omega-3 Supplements Don't Reduce Risk of Preterm Birth

No benefit seen for women with history of early delivery, researchers say

Adding Fish Oil to IV May Speed Sepsis Recovery

Omega-3 fatty acids in the solution reduce inflammation, researchers note

Vitamin D Plus Calcium Guards Against Fractures

But the vitamin alone doesn't offer significant protection, researchers say

Nutrient 'Cocktail' Appears to Improve Dementia Symptoms

Combination of uridine, choline and DHA boosted memory of Alzheimer's patients in study

Soy Beneficial for Breast Cancer Survivors: Study

Surprising finding shows it reduces risk of death, recurrence

Selenium, Omega-3s May Stave Off Colorectal Cancer

Studies find benefits, but others question validity of the link

Folic Acid Fortification Might Boost Cancer Risk

Norwegian study found supplementation raised chances of disease by 21%

Green Tea May Help Prevent Oral Cancer

Small study reports evidence of cancer-fighting properties

Folate Levels in Pregnancy Tied to ADHD in Offspring

Prenatal nutrition seems to affect child's nervous system, brain growth, researchers say

Fish Oil Supplements Don't Help Depressed Heart Patients

Those who took them with antidepressant fared same as those who didn't