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Probiotics Supplement May Help After Gastric Bypass Surgery

In study, patients lost weight faster and avoided vitamin B deficiency

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Falls Short in Alzheimer's Trials

No significant benefits seen with DHA, either in terms of prevention or treatment

Green Tea Component May Slow Prostate Cancer

Men in small study took capsules equivalent to brewed beverage

Vitamin D May Help Keep Aging at Bay

Researchers speculate that brain might benefit from supplements

Low Vitamin D Levels May Initiate Cancer Development

Study suggests loss of communication among cells tied to this nutritional deficit

Folic Acid Might Offer Allergy Relief

But use of supplements should await further study, expert says

No Verdict Yet on Grape Seed Extract vs. Breast Cancer

Researchers plan more controlled study at different dosages

Soy May Not Lead to Denser Breasts

Study finds no link to condition that can increase cancer risk

Experts Highlight Inroads to Preventing Cancer

Folic acid supplements, smoking and genetics are among research targets

Review Confirms Links Between Diet, Heart Health

Vegetables, nuts, and 'Mediterranean' fare most beneficial, researchers find

Soybean Chemicals May Reduce Effects of Menopause

Study finds they prevented breakdown of vaginal lining in rats who'd had ovaries removed

Protein From Yellow Peas May Lower Blood Pressure

Finding in rats holds promise against kidney disease, too, experts say

Folic Acid Supplements Raise Prostate Cancer Risk

But 10-year study also showed having enough folate in diet might offer protection

More Vitamin C May Mean Less Chance of Gout

With 1,500 milligrams a day, men cut their risk by 45%, study finds

Too Little Vitamin D May Mean More Colds and Flu

Whether adding supplements would help still needs testing, experts say

Prescription Chondroitin May Help Knee Osteoarthritis

European drug is not the same as supplement available in U.S., study says

Many Kids Don't Need the Vitamins They're Taking

But poor children who do need supplements aren't getting them, study shows

Supplement Hampers Thyroid Cancer Treatment

Iodine from kelp in dietary aid compromised therapy, researchers say

Fish Oil's Benefits Remain Elusive

Review finds it may cut cardiac mortality but not help those with heart rhythm problems

Vitamin K Slows Insulin Resistance in Older Men

But effect for women not same, as study cites obesity as possible cause

Folate in Early Pregnancy May Boost Wheezing in Baby

Infants born to moms who took it in first 3 months more likely to have respiratory woes

Antibiotics Largest Cause of Drug-Induced Liver Damage

Prescription meds, supplements can also trigger acute organ failure, study says

Folic Acid and Other B Vitamins Won't Help Prevent Cancer

Seven-year study of supplements found no change in disease risk

Parkinson's Patients More Prone to Vitamin D Deficiency

Study found their levels were lower than Alzheimer's patients, healthy controls

Vitamin D Supplementation Guidelines for Youngsters Doubled

American Academy of Pediatrics raises daily recommended intake from 200 to 400 IUs

Popular Supplements Don't Work Against Arthritis: Study

But lead researcher says it's too soon to give up on glucosamine

Soy Protein Doesn't Lower Cholesterol

Regular consumption had little effect on LDL levels, study finds

Creatine Has Negligible Effect on COPD Exercise Rehab

Popular nutritional supplement no substitute for old-fashioned hard work, study says

Grapefruit Compound Inhibits Hepatitis C Virus

Flavonoid called naringenin silences infection pathway, hints of new disease treatments

Omega-3 Benefits for Bipolar Disorder Remain Unclear

Review finds patients had less severe depression but no change in mania symptoms

Health Tip: If You Have to Take Iron Supplements

Suggestions to make the medicine go down

Fish Oil Flounders, But Fiber Might Lower Stroke Risk

Pair of studies examine effect of diet on stroke prevention, outcomes

Calcium Supplements Could Raise Heart Risks in Postmenopausal Women

Study found those taking tablets had 47% higher risk of cardiovascular trouble

Fish, Fruits, Veggies May Cut Dementia Risk

Regular consumption of these foods lowered odds up to 60%, study found

One Billion People Don't Get Enough Vitamin D

Expert suggests recommended daily intake be boosted to help prevent disease

Selenium Supplements Boost Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Chances were 50% higher among those taking 200 micrograms daily, study finds

Glucosamine Trials Show Little Benefit Against Arthritis

Results vary widely between trials, suggesting industry bias, experts say

Vitamin D Cuts Cancer Risk: Study

Women who took nearly three times the recommended amount reduced risk by 60 percent

Supplements Don't Cut Lung Cancer Risk: Study

Taking multivitamins, C, E or folate conferred no statistically significant benefit

Race Plays Role in Women's Folic Acid Intake

Those of childbearing age risk neural tube defects in babies without it, study says

Fish Oil-Exercise Combo May Boost Cardio Health

Supplement plus workouts raise good cholesterol levels, study finds

Little Evidence Omega-3 Fights Depression: Study

Fish oil may contain toxins, so supplement dose rules should be followed, analysis shows

Folic Acid Doesn't Help the Heart

Lifestyle changes more likely to prevent second heart attack, study finds

Studies Divided on Value of Adding Protein to Sports Drinks

One finds it hydrates athletes better, while the other shows no benefit

Battle of the Sexes: Body Health Is What They See

Companion studies show how men and women differ in diet, exercise behaviors to alter looks

Black Cohosh Supplements Don't Always Live Up to Label Claims

Manufacturers sometimes substitute cheaper Chinese herbs, study finds

High-Carb Drink Eases SAD Symptoms

Study finds it helps those with seasonal depression

Soy Shows Small Reduction in Breast Cancer Risk

But association not strong enough to suggest women take supplements, study says

Fish Oil Won't Fight Cancer

But finding doesn't mean omega-3 fatty acids aren't heart-healthy, experts add

Amino Acid Supplement No Good After Heart Attack

It might even raise death risk for older patients, researchers find