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Obese Kids' Wrist Size May Predict Heart Disease

Circumference gives clue to insulin resistance, researchers say

Having Kids Might Make Young Women Heavier, Less Fit

Study found they consumed more calories, exercised less

Experimental Weight-Loss Drug Seems to Work: Study

Qnexa, a combo of phentermine and topiramate, did come with side effects, however

Could Stomach 'Pacemaker' Be New Weight-Loss Tool?

Not yet approved in the U.S, the device sends tiny impulses to nerves to signal fullness sooner

Teen Weight Affects Later Heart Disease Risk: Study

But diabetes risk tied more to adult weight, Israeli researchers find

Weight Linked to Complications in Some Hysterectomy Patients

Bleeding, infections more likely in obese and underweight women, study finds

Babies Born to Obese Moms Face Higher Death Risk: Study

High blood pressure, diabetes may be contributing factors, researchers say

Compulsive Eaters May Have 'Food Addiction,' Study Finds

Exposure to food 'cues' might trigger same brain reward circuitry involved in drug and alcohol addiction

Study Links Smoking, Breast Cancer in Older Women

But the cancer risk only showed up in female smokers who were not obese, researchers find

Obesity Could Raise Risks of General Anesthesia

Serious airway complications 2 to 4 times more likely among heaviest patients, study finds

Less Stress, Better Sleep May Help You Lose Weight

Going without the correct balance can interfere with your best efforts, study finds

Weight-Loss Surgery May Cut Migraine Pain in Obese Patients

Frequency of disabling headaches was reduced for more than half, small study finds

Healthy Lifestyles Could Halve Cases of Dangerous Irregular Heartbeat

Atrial fibrillation raises stroke risk, but it doesn't have to happen, study shows

More Added Sugars, More Pounds?

Study found body weight went up with increases in sugar intake over 27 years

Many Obese Moms and Kids Underestimate Their Weight

Where obesity is common, overweight people may look normal, study finds

Are the Religious Prone to Obesity?

Study found regularly attending services was linked to raised risk in middle age

Poor Diet Linked to Early Signs of Heart Risks in Obese Kids

Lack of healthy food in youth seems to cause inflammation, insulin resistance, study finds

40% of Gastric Banding Patients Have Complications

Nearly half must have the weight-loss bands removed years later, small Belgian study finds

Could a Type of Ear Infection Help Make Kids Obese?

Chronic infection with fluid might alter taste, causing children to eat more, study suggests

Gastric Bypass Patients Take Longer to Process Alcohol, Study Finds

They should not drink and drive, experts say

Benefits of Weight-Loss Surgery May Outweigh Risks for Some, Experts Say

American Heart Association statement points to heart health improvements in severely obese people

Fat Alone, Not Where It Sits, May Be Key to Heart Problems

Study upends long-held belief that apple-shaped people face highest risk

Animal Study May Explain Low Birth Weight-Obesity Link

Research suggests brain may be programmed to eat more in those malnourished before birth

Health Tip: Don't Let Lost Pounds Return

Suggestions to maintain a healthy body weight

Video Games That Make Kids Move Burn Calories

Study found energy expenditure equaled that of moderate to vigorous exercise

1 in 3 Americans Gets Less Than 7 Hours of Sleep: CDC

Insufficient rest affects health, concentration, experts say

Stigma Often Adds to Burden of Obesity

Health declines were worse in those who felt discriminated against, study found

In Battle of the Bulge, Canada Trumps U.S.

More than a third of Americans now obese, compared to about 24% of Canadians, study finds

Obesity May Boost Odds of Aggressive Breast Cancer in Older Women

Mechanisms besides estrogen appear to play a role, researchers say

Sugary Drinks Might Raise Hypertension Risk: Study

Those who consumed more were more likely to have high blood pressure, but exactly why is not clear

Doctors Can Influence Patients to Lose Weight: Studies

People more likely to try to shed pounds on doc's advice or maintain a healthy weight, reports find

Stress May Help Spur Weight Gain in New Moms, Study Finds

And those with higher BMIs developed more signs of depression, researchers found

Breast-Feeding May Cut Obesity Risk in Kids of Diabetic Moms

Those breast-fed for at least 6 months were less likely to be overweight later, study found

Gastric Bypass Best for Weight Loss, Study Finds

Also better than lap-banding, sleeve surgery at improving, eliminating type 2 diabetes

Weight Loss Surgery May Cut Knee Osteoarthritis Pain

Obese patients who lost 57 pounds in 6 months saw significant improvements, study finds

3.1 Million Hispanic Americans Struggle With Arthritis

CDC analysis finds range of 12% among Cuban Americans to 22% among Puerto Ricans

People Who Weigh Less Now Qualify for Gastric Device

Under new approval, Lap-Band system can now be used by less obese

Appalachia, the South Home to Least-Active Americans: CDC

Exercise can help ward off heart disease, cancer, diabetes, agency notes

America's Health a Mixed Bag: Report

Life expectancy rates are up, but so are obesity levels, CDC says

Calorie Labels Don't Affect Kids' Fast-Food Choices

In study, labeling got noticed but didn't influence orders

Obesity Alone Raises Risk of Fatal Heart Attack, Study Finds

Analysis suggests something about carrying extra weight is at play

Obesity, Bum Knees Robbing Seniors of Good Years: Study

Slimming down would spare hundreds of thousands of people chronic pain, surgery

Obesity Seems to Cut Women's Risk of Open-Angle Glaucoma

Researchers suspect association may be due to estrogen

Weight Guidelines May Be High for Severely Obese Moms-to-Be

Different classes of obesity may merit separate recommendations, researchers say

Overweight Kids Who Exercise Improve Thinking, Math Skills: Study

Chronic sedentary behavior 'is compromising children's ability and achievement,' research suggests

Stars Strut on the Runway for Women's Heart Health

Red Dress show in New York City raises awareness of #1 killer of American women

Obesity Tied to Education, Income, but Not Suburbia: Study

Findings dispute belief that city living is advantageous weight-wise

Stroke Hospitalizations Up in Teens, Young Adults

But rates are dropping for older men and women

Kids' Rising Obesity Rates Due to Bad Habits, Not Genes: Study

Sedentary lifestyles, poor food choices must be addressed to reverse trend, researcher says

Community Has a Role in Health of Low-Income Kids

Study suggests social connections protect poor teens against smoking, obesity