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Health Tip: Bringing Home a Premature Baby

Here are questions new parents should ask

Drug Approved to Prevent Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Surfaxin treats lung disorder that affects premature babies

Ban on Public Smoking Linked to Fewer Preterm Deliveries

After Scotland put new laws in place, even nonsmoking pregnant women benefited, study found

Moms' Antidepressants May Affect Babies' Head Size: Study

Pregnant women may want to try alternatives to treat depression, experts say

Parents' Wishes Sway Docs' Choices on Preterm Deliveries

Study found practice, counseling in very early gestation differed greatly among obstetricians

Health Tip: Preventing Back Pain Among New Moms

Suggestions to protect yourself

Study Weighs Pros, Cons of Home or Hospital Birth

More seizures, lower Apgar scores found in home

Epidural Plus Fever in Mom May Raise Risks for Baby

Study found as mother's temperature rose, problems were more likely at birth

Health Tip: Prepare for Breast-feeding

Suggestions for getting ready

Health Tip: Manage Pain During Childbirth

Suggestions to ease pain without medication

More U.S. Babies Born at Home: Report

Home birth is seen as viable option for some women, experts say

Abortion Safer for Women Than Childbirth, Study Claims

Risk of death, though small, is 14 times higher in full-term pregnancy

Children Born by C-Section at Slightly Higher Asthma Risk

Large Norwegian study found likelihood greater when mothers had no allergies

U.S. Twin Births Soar: CDC

Older mothers, fertility treatments contributed to 76% rise in past 30 years

Some Causes of Stillbirth May Be Avoidable: Studies

Lifestyle factors like drinking, smoking and diabetes management might influence risk

Psych Episode Near Childbirth May Presage Bipolar Disorder

Women with mental health issue within 30 days of delivery most likely to get diagnosis, study contends

Very Low Birth Weight May Affect Adult Memory, IQ

Babies weighing less than 3.3 pounds are more likely to have lowered function as adults, study says

Steroids May Boost Survival for Very Preemie Babies

New study also found reduced risk of brain injury for preterm infants

Health Tip: Help Your Child Prepare for a Sibling

Suggestions to ease the transition

New Software Might Help Predict Difficult Childbirth

Using 3-D reconstructions, program scores a mother's likelihood of normal delivery

Health Tip: Help Your Newborn Sleep at Night

Suggestions for weary parents

C-Section Rate Drops for First Time in a Decade in U.S.

And teen birth rate falls to a record low, CDC says

Mom-to-Be's Mental State May Affect Child's Development

Emotional consistency before and after birth seems best for baby, study suggests

Babies Put on Transplant List Before Birth Get Hearts Faster

On average, unborn babies are put on the list 18 days before birth, study shows

Online Forums Can Help Women Cope With Pregnancy Loss

After miscarriage or stillbirth, message boards offer safe, convenient way to share feelings, study shows

Flu Shots for Pregnant Women Also Protect Newborns

New research also suggests that the vaccine does not increase miscarriage risk

Lung Function of Late Preemies May Improve With Age

Infants born moderately premature seem to have improved lung function in teen years, study shows

Previous Infant Death Linked to Raised Risk of Stillbirth

Black women 9 times more likely than whites to experience stillbirth in later pregnancy, study finds

Steps Outlined to Screen All Newborns for Heart Defects

N.J. will be first state to implement routine testing

Women Born After Great Depression Had More Children, Study Finds

They had more babies than generation before, after

Maternal Blood Test Can Determine Sex of Fetus at 7 Weeks

It's meant to spot conditions such as hemophilia but might be used to gauge gender, researchers say

C-Section Rate in U.S. Climbs to All-Time High: Report

Cesareans should not be performed for the convenience of a woman or her doctor, expert says

Flexible Schedule Helps Keep New Moms in the Workplace

Leeway in working hours helps women meet demands of home, job, study found

Eating Disorders May Raise Risk of Depression in Pregnancy

Screening for mental health problems, abuse should be routine part of prenatal care, researchers say

Deaths Exceed Births in 24% of U.S. Communities: Report

Rural America hit hardest by 'natural decrease' as young move elsewhere, study finds

Health Tip: Protect Newborns From the Sun

Suggestions to prevent burns in babies less than 6 months

Male Heart Disease May Be Linked to Mom's Lifetime Nutrition

Risk associated, in part, with mother's body size, placenta size and shape at birth, researchers say

Home Births Jump 20 Percent in 4 Years: U.S. Report

Increase follows 15-year decline; experts remain divided on safety

Are Affluent Women More Apt to Choose C-Section?

Scottish study finds equality between social classes for emergency deliveries, but not elective ones

Winter Conception Tied to Raised Risk for Autism

Study suggests environmental factors, such as seasonal viruses, may play a role

Kids' Birth Month Seems to Be Linked to Celiac Disease: Study

Higher rates of the digestive disorder seen among children born in spring, summer, researchers find

Early Surgery Boosts Outcomes for Babies With Cleft Palate

To help prevent the common birth defect, experts also advise folic acid for mom

Higher Oxygen Levels Improve Preemie Survival: Study

But risks are involved, including eye damage, doctor notes

One in 1,000 Newborns Develops Blood Poisoning: Study

Many providers weak on prevention, fail to do recommended screening for bacteria, researchers say

Progesterone Treatment Cuts Preterm Birth Risk in Certain Women

The therapy worked in women with a short cervix, researchers say

Health Tip: Risk Factors for Pre-Term Labor

Before week 37 of pregnancy

U.S. Reports Continuing Drop in Birth Rate

Data show broad-based decline among all races, nearly all ages and in all states

Animal Study May Explain Low Birth Weight-Obesity Link

Research suggests brain may be programmed to eat more in those malnourished before birth