Diaper Duty

Marks on your baby's skin mean the diaper is too tight

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(HealthDayNews) -- When diapering your newborn, the Nemours Foundation offers these suggestions:

  • Dispose of bowel movements in the toilet and empty diaper pails regularly. This prevents a stinky bin and combats the growth of bacteria.
  • Marks around your baby's legs and waist mean the diaper is too tight.
  • If a rash develops at the diaper openings around the legs and waist, change the brand of diaper you're using. Sometimes babies become sensitive to certain brands.
  • When diapering a boy, place his penis in the downward position before fastening the diaper. This will prevent leaks from creeping up the waistline.
  • Fold down the waistline of the diaper if your baby's umbilical cord has not yet fallen off.
  • Wash your hands well after changing your baby's diaper.


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