Health Tip: Bring Baby Back to a Safe Home

Here's a brief checklist

(HealthDay News) -- Before you bring baby home from the hospital, make sure the environment is safe.

The website offers this checklist before mom and newborn leave the hospital:

  • Make sure the crib and other baby items are in good shape (especially if they are secondhand) and have not been involved in a recall.
  • Remove any stuffed animals, blankets and pillows from baby's crib.
  • Make sure all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home are working.
  • Place a list of emergency numbers, including poison control, near each phone.
  • Make sure you have a corded landline phone in your home, in case of power failure.
  • Make sure the number on your house, apartment or condo is visible, in case emergency works have to find you.
  • Make sure there are handrails on all stairs.
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