Health Tip: Creating Your Birth Plan

Make a list of your preferences for delivery

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(HealthDay News) -- There are many things to do to prepare for your baby's birth. That's why establishing a birth plan -- a list of preferences for labor and delivery -- may be in order.

The Nemours Foundation offers these suggestions about what to include in a birth plan:

  • Your ideal scenario for pain management, fetal monitoring, which family members to have in the delivery room, and preferred birth positions.
  • Your wishes for baby's treatment immediately following birth, including cutting the cord, and when you get to hold and feed the baby.
  • Your plan for feeding -- do you want to breast-feed or use formula?
  • Your plan for the baby's hospital stay. Should baby stay with you as much as possible, or should baby stay in the nursery?
  • Your emergency plan, including preparations for possible premature delivery or Cesarean section.


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