Health Tip: Playtime for Newborns

Even the youngest babies can play and learn

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(HealthDay News) - Playtime and sensory stimulation is very important for children, even newborns.

Babies just born will learn to associate the feel of your touch, the sound of your voice, and the sight of your face with the needs for comfort and food.

The American Academy of Family Physicians offers these suggestions for your newborn's playtime activities:

  • Use brightly colored, stimulating toys designed for newborns, like rattles, unbreakable mirrors, musical toys, and toys that are of interesting colors and textures.
  • Play music, and dance with your baby.
  • Make faces and sounds at your baby, like sticking out your tongue smiling, laughing, and talking.
  • Encourage your baby to focus by holding and moving a preferred toy.


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