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Get Rid of Bumpers, Stuffed Animals in Baby's Crib

Soft items can suffocate sleeping infants, pediatricians warn

Easy-to-Treat Condition Can Disrupt Breast-Feeding

Up to 10 percent of newborns have ankyloglossia or 'tongue-tie'

Exclusive Breast-Feeding Not the Norm in U.S.

Personal and societal obstacles keeping rates lower than health experts would like

Seek Help for Breast-Feeding Troubles, Young Mom Advises

Woman explains how to overcome obstacles so many face

Breast-Feeding, Vaccinations Lower SIDS Risk, Experts Say

Also in updated guidelines from pediatricians' group: don't use crib 'bumper pads'

Breast-Feeding Boost: Fewer Hospitals Handing Out Free Formula

Study finds decline from years past but 'we have a long way to go,' advocate says

Can Fatty Acids in Breast Milk or Formula Make Kids Smarter?

Studies find benefits at 14 months and about 10 years

Why Many With Breast Implants Fail at Breast-Feeding

Women who think it will make their breasts look worse unlikely to nurse successfully, study says

Don't Mess With a Nursing Mom!

Breast-feeding mothers will aggressively defend their young, study says

Breast-Feeding Won't Prevent Kids' Eczema, Researchers Say

Babies that were exclusively breast-fed just as likely to develop common skin disorder, study finds

Blacks at Higher Risk for Resistant Breast Cancer: Study

Having two or more children and not breast-feeding raises odds, researchers say

Support for Breast-Feeding Found Lacking in Many U.S. Hospitals

Study found only 4% offered full range of services for new moms

Breast-feeding for 6 Months or More Protects Against Asthma

Children never breast-fed are more likely to develop symptoms of the disease, study shows

Breast-Feeding May Not Protect Moms Against MS Relapse

Research conflicts with previous findings suggesting fewer flare-ups while nursing

Early Chemical Exposures May Affect Breast Health: Report

Scientists say common chemicals should be tested for their possible harm to milk gland development

Breast-feeding May Shield Against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Study found chances of SIDS reduced most when moms breast-fed exclusively

Longer Maternity Leave Ups Breast-Feeding Rates

Staying home at least 3 months makes bottle-feeding far less likely, study finds

Breast-Feeding May Help Quell Behavior Problems

British study finds more conduct issues among kids who were formula-fed

Few Babies in Child-Care Centers Receive Breast Milk: Study

Though most operators were comfortable storing pumped milk, only 26% provided storage

Prolonged Bottle Feeding Boosts Kids' Obesity Risk: Study

Nearly one-quarter of 2-year-old bottle feeders were obese at age 5, researchers say

Breast-feeding May Influence Long-Term Health: Study

Formula vs. breast-fed babies show metabolic differences in first three years of life

Health Tip: Storing Breast Milk

Suggestions for safe freezing

Longer Breast-Feeding May Be Key to Bigger Brains

Link applies to mammals, offering more support for the practice in humans, researchers say

Health Tip: Breast-Feeding When You Have Diabetes

Avoiding low glucose becomes more challenging

Breast-Feeding May Cut Obesity Risk in Kids of Diabetic Moms

Those breast-fed for at least 6 months were less likely to be overweight later, study found

Breast-Feeding May Counter Some Effects of Childhood Cancer

Bones and heart are among health factors that benefit women, study finds

Teens Breast-fed as Infants Have Stronger Leg Muscles

They did better on horizontal jump, 'explosive strength' tests, study finds

Type of Formula May Influence Infant Weight Gain

Babies fed cow's milk-based formula gained faster, study finds

Do Breast-Fed Baby Boys Grow Into Better Students?

Those nursed at least six months outscored peers at age 10, study found

FDA Weighs In as Sharing of Breast Milk Booms

Opinions vary on benefits and risks of milk banks and Web-based outlets

'Love Hormone' May Boost Men's Memories of Mom -- Good or Bad

Study puts brain chemical oxytocin's role in new light

Women Taking Certain Epilepsy Drugs Can Safely Breast-Feed, Study Suggests

Findings could bring valuable guidance to new mothers, experts say

Breast-Feeding Won't Rob Mom of Sleep: Study

Finding challenges belief that breast-feeding women get less sleep than those who formula-feed

Health Tip: Before You Begin Breast-feeding

Here are suggestions to help ensure success

Health Tip: When a Working Mother Breast-Feeds

Suggestions to maintain the milk supply

Breast-Feeding Less Common for Black Moms

Many prefer using formula or aren't aware of nursing's benefits, study found

Trans Fats While Breast-Feeding May Plump Up Baby

More research needed to see how mom's fatty diet affects infant's long-term health, study notes

Breast-Feeding for 6 Months May Prevent Infant Infections

The longer a baby is exclusively breast-fed, the lower the risk, research shows

U.S. Meets Initial Breast-feeding Goal, Falls Short on Others

Women need more support to make it to 6- and 12- month marks, report says

Health Tip: Breast-Feeding Benefits Baby

It's been linked to fewer health problems

Breast-Feeding May Lower Women's Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Women who opted for the bottle had double the odds for the illness later, study found

Antiretrovirals During Breast-Feeding Shield Babies From HIV, Study Shows

In sub-Saharan Africa, many avoid formula due to unsanitary water, expense, experts note

Breast-Fed Babies Know When to Say When

Cues, which bottle-fed infants don't learn, seem to help later on, study suggests

DHA Supplements for Mom Good for Preemies

Leads to higher levels in breast milk of fatty acid that promotes brain development, researchers find

Wider Breast-Feeding Could Save Babies' Lives

It could also save U.S. $13 billion a year, study finds

Black Women in U.S. Comfortable With Formula Feeding

Study suggests this may be why they are less likely to breast-feed than other women

Long-Term Breast-Feeding Tied to More Aggressive Cancers

Though nursing is thought to reduce risk, more advanced tumors noted in study

Black Women Least Likely to Breast-Feed in U.S.

Just over half attempt it, compared to about three-quarters of whites, Hispanics, CDC says

Too Many Infants Short on Vitamin D

Most should be getting supplement to meet 400 IU daily requirement, study finds