Health Tip: Wean Your Child From Breast-Feeding

Suggestions to ease the transition

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(HealthDay News) -- When you feel the time is right to wean your baby from breast milk, the Nemours Foundation offers these suggestions to help make the process easier:

  • Substitute a bottle or cup at nursing time. Slightly older children can have a healthy snack or a cup as a substitute.
  • At the typical times that you'd nurse, schedule a special and fun activity instead.
  • Don't wear the same nursing clothes, and change rooms for the substitute activity.
  • Schedule the weaning for a time when your baby isn't dealing with other major changes, such as starting day care or teething.
  • Don't discourage your child if he or she begins a substitute habit -- such as sucking the thumb or carrying a stuffed animal. It's just your child's way of dealing with the change.


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