Health Tip: Cooling Hot Flashes

Ways to alleviate menopausal symptoms

(HealthDay News) -- Hot flashes -- a side effect of menopause -- cause a woman to feel hot and flushed, notably in the face, neck and chest. Symptoms also may include sweating, chills and a rapid heartbeat.

Minor hot flashes may be cooled with simple home remedies, including a cold glass of water and a fan. More severe hot flashes may require therapies prescribed by your doctor.

Here are additional suggestions from the University of Michigan Health System:

  • Wear loose-fitting, lightweight cotton clothing to keep cool.
  • Keep your house at a cool temperature.
  • Don't eat spicy foods, chocolate or certain aged cheeses, or drink red wine. Chemicals in these foods may prompt hot flashes.
  • Cut back or eliminate caffeine and alcohol, and don't smoke.
  • Minimize stress using relaxation techniques.
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